What We Do

John J. Morgan and David R. White founded MorganWhiteGroup, Inc. in 1987. The business started out primarily focusing on payroll deduction of supplemental insurance products, and has grown into what is today, a holding company made up of 6 wholly owned subsidiaries. 

The MorganWhiteGroup of companies now includes: Two sales agencies, MWG Employer Services and MWG Senior Services, two third-party administrators (TPAs), MorganWhite Administrators, Inc. and MorganWhite Administrators International, a marketing agency, MWG Broker Services, and a Reinsurance Intermediary, MWG Reinsurance, Inc.

Our success since 1987 has been achieved by delivering insurance products to the marketplace that cannot be found anywhere else. Our company's guiding principal has been to find a market that is either under-served or not served at all and design a product to fit that market.

At MorganWhiteGroup, we look forward to the challenge of solving customers’ medical, dental and vision insurance needs today, and in the future. We are committed to making the investment in technology, equipment, and personnel to provide our customers with the latest, most up to date tools available, to solve their insurance needs.